Ticket number 8 – road test online 

Examination traffic rules 2018. ticket number 8  

TICKET number 8 Categories “A”, “B”, “M” and subcategories “A1”, “B1”

Question 1. What actions in a traffic accident should immediately implement the drivers involved in it?
1. Release the roadway.
2. Stop (do not touch) the vehicle, turn on the alarm and set an emergency stop sign.
3. Report the incident to the police.
Question 2. What is the feature of the speed limit on this stretch of road?

1. The recommended driving speed is 40 km / h.
2. The minimum allowable speed is 40 km / h.
3. The minimum allowable speed on the left lane is 40 km / h.
Question 3. Which of the following signs prohibit turning to the left?

1. Only A.
2. A and B.
3. A and B.
4. Everything.
Question 4. Can you turn right at this intersection?

1. You can.
2. You can, if you live or work in the area to the right of the intersection.
3. It is impossible.
Question 5. Are you allowed to rebuild?

1. Allowed only on the next lane.
2. Allowed if the speed of the truck is less than 30 km / h.
3. Forbidden.
Question 6. Are you allowed to move?

1. Allowed only to the right.
2. Allowed only for reversal.
3. Forbidden.
Question 7. The driver of the car should turn off the left turn indicators:

1. After rebuilding to the left lane.
2. After the advance of the truck.
3. After returning to the right lane.
Question 8. What is the trajectory for which you are allowed to turn left?

1. Only in A.
2. Only B.
3. For any of these.
Question 9. You have the right to make a turn:

1. Only along the trajectory A.
2. Only along the trajectory B.
3. For any trajectory of the specified.
Question 10. You can continue to move:

1. On any lane.
2. On the right or middle lane.
3. Only in the right lane.
Question 11. Are you allowed, after the advance of the first car, to continue on the left lane?

1. Allowed.
2. Allowed if you intend to outrun a second car.
3. Forbidden.
Question 12. Did a truck driver break parking rules?

1. Violated.
2. Violated if the allowed maximum weight of the car is more than 2.5 tons.
3. Not broken.
Question 13. Which of the drivers performing the turn, break the rules?

1. Both.
2. Only the driver of the car.
3. Only motorcycle driver.
4. No one will break.
Question 14. You intend to continue moving in the forward direction. Your actions?

1. Pass the intersection first.
2. Give way to a passenger car.
3. Give way to a car and motorcycle.
Question 15. To whom should you give way when turning left?

1. Only trams.
2. Tram B and passenger car.
3. All vehicles.
Question 16. Stopping on the motorway is allowed:
1. In any places outside the roadway.
2. Only to the right of the marking line indicating the edge of the roadway.
3. Only on special parking areas marked with appropriate signs.
Question 17. What external lighting devices should be used when driving at night on the illuminated road sections of the settlement?
1. Only side lights.
2. Dipped headlights.
3. Side lights or dipped headlights.
Question 18. When a malfunction occurs, further movement of the vehicle is prohibited even to the place of repair or parking?
1. Defective braking system.
2. Defective exhaust system.
3. The windshield washer does not work.
Question 19. It is more resistant to turning over a car:
1. Without passengers and cargo.
2. Without passengers, but with a load on the upper trunk.
3. With passengers, but without cargo.
4. With passengers and cargo.
Question 20. With an open limb fracture, accompanied by arterial bleeding, first aid begins:
1. With imposing improvised tires.
2. With an overlay harness above the wound at the fracture site.
3. With a pressure bandage.

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