Tips to help you grow long hair 

If you want to grow long hair, use simple but effective tips. Do not forget that the hair will not grow longer than three centimeters per month, so do not count on an unreal effect.
Eat more protein. Hair needs protein, so it should be enough in your diet. Note that the daily dose of protein for an adult is about 100 g.
Include in the diet of fatty acids. They are contained in fatty varieties of fish, nuts, seeds. Choose a fish that does not contain mercury (salmon or tuna), because this element slows down the absorption of protein and zinc.
Forget about sweets. Well, or at least reduce its quantity. It has been scientifically proven that sweet tooths are more likely to suffer from hair loss than lovers of wholesome food. The fact is that sweets increase insulin and androgen release in the body, and these hormones inflame and constrict hair follicles.
Do not get carried away with fruit juices. Such drinks slow down growth and harm the hair, if you use them in unlimited quantities. They have the same effect as sweets: they increase the production of male hormones.
Do not forget about vitamin A. This element helps the sebaceous glands to produce fat that nourishes the hair shaft. Buy vitamin supplements or get this item from natural food. Vitamin A is rich in carrots, peppers, pumpkins, avocados, vegetable oils and fish.

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