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Proper nutrition can be affordable, do not think that all healthy foods are expensive. Nutritionists told what useful foods should be included in the diet of every person who wants to lose weight.
Nutritionists have reported that there are a number of products available that speed up the process of losing weight. Properly chosen food improves health, gives energy and stamina to the body. Experts say that you need to start losing weight with the preparation of the correct diet, and then proceed to physical training.
Specialists have compiled a list of products that will help with losing weight. This list includes vegetables, fruits, fish and poultry meat, eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, side dishes, vegetable oils, seeds and nuts. Fruits are an excellent alternative to sweets, because they satisfy hunger and do not harm the figure. Kashi also perfectly saturate the body, so after them you do not want sweet.
Vegetable oils should be consumed in strictly limited quantities – no more than three tablespoons per day. Choose olive and flaxseed oils, as they are the most beneficial.

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