Tupac’s letter to Shakur Madonna from prison goes under the hammer

A letter from rapper Tupak Shakur to the singer Madonna , written by him in prison in 1995, will be sold on the Internet auction. This is reported on the auction site Gotta Have Rock and Roll.
In his message, dated January 15, 1995 and having three pages, the performer apologizes to the pop star for the difficulties in their relationship.
“I have to apologize to you for what, as you said, I was not the kind of friend I could have been,” wrote Tupac Shakur. “Not because I am very angry, and not because you are unworthy of me.” And therefore – I risk looking too dramatic – that racism and its consequences do not allow a black young man to properly show his affection for a white woman older than him by age. ” The message is signed “Forever, 2PAC, Tupac Shakur.”
Estimate (preliminary price) of the letter is 100 thousand dollars.
Earlier it was reported that the first edition of the novel in verse ” Eugene Onegin ” by Alexander Pushkin was sold at Christie’s auction in the UK for half a million pounds sterling. The book in three volumes, printed from 1825 to 1832, was sold for 467,250 pounds sterling (about 37 million rubles at the current rate), which was three times the estimate of 120-160 thousand pounds.

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