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Twitter does not blush: US Congress has condemned Trump’s “racist remarks” 

Parliamentarians in the  United States are confident that by their behavior the US president reinforces hatred of people with different skin color.
The US House of Representatives has condemned President Donald Trump for his “insulting and racist remarks” addressed to members of Congress. 240 parliamentarians voted for the relevant resolution, 187 against.
Members of the House of Representatives are confident that with their statements the White House host reinforces hatred of the so-called new Americans and people with different skin color.
Trump’s conviction was triggered by his recent Twitter posts, in which the US president recommended several “progressive women democrats” from Congress who came from countries with “worst, corrupt” governments to “go back,” C-Span reported.
In response to this, Speaker of the Lower House of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, called Trump’s words xenophobic.

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