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Ukrainian “Tavria” was sold abroad under the brand Lada

Analysis of sales made in the transport market of Chile showed that the Ukrainian car “Tavria” was sold there under the Russian brand LADA .
Machines Ukrainian brand “Tavria” sold around the world for many years. Moreover, Ukrainian manufacturers have always been proud of the cars of their development. But despite this, the latest brand model was sold in Chile under the Russian brand LADA. Moreover, this fact was not coordinated with the leaders of the AVTOVAZ company .
An interesting point is the fact that under the Russian brand also sold cars “IL”, released in Ukraine. It is important to note that the false machine name was used only on paper.
Analysts are confident that Ukrainian manufacturers used this trick in order to increase sales of Tavria cars, which were inferior in quality to Russian car models.
According to the sales analysis received, it can be concluded that this move justified itself, since the sales of these machines doubled in sales.

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