Umbrella and other items that the scouts used as a weapon

Scouts then and scouts to be able not to attract too much attention. That is why even their weapon sometimes looks like an ordinary household item, only it is not.
One of the most mysterious crimes of the 20th century is the murder of the Bulgarian dissident Georgy Markov . The man died three days after the injection with an umbrella.
Before his death, Markov remembered walking down the street, stumbled over something and felt an injection. George did not pay attention to it and very for nothing. Mild malaise soon led to death due to ricin poisoning. During the injection, a microcapsule with a toxin was injected into Markov, which entered the blood.
A tube
I must say that the invention is not revolutionary. The first tube pistols appeared in ancient China. Since then, evolution has not progressed much, because the spring stroke is still enough to eliminate the enemy.
The British returned to the invention of the Chinese in the 40s, when they created their own pipe pistols and called them “Valpen”. But very soon, technology came overseas.
In February 1945, Soviet children presented the engraved coat of arms to US Ambassador Averell Harriman. The ambassador was so moved by the gift that he immediately hung it in his office, and he presented the children with a check for 10 thousand dollars. The coat of arms hung at the embassy for eight years. During this time, four ambassadors changed, and only in 1953 the secret of the Soviet present was revealed. It turned out that an eavesdropping “bug” was hidden in the coat of arms, which means that all the most secret conversations in the embassy of the USSR authorities could be heard literally on the air.
Most Americans were shocked by the device “bug” – there was no battery in it. It turned out that he worked from an external source of microwave signal.

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