UNICS basketball player Kolesnikov refused to pay child support and challenged paternity

Russian basketball player Yevgeny Kolesnikov , who plays for UNICS Kazan, refuses to pay alimony to the ex-girlfriend and filed a lawsuit challenging paternity.
According to the law firm “Gordon and Sons”, UNICS basketball player Yevgeny Kolesnikov refuses to pay alimony to his former girlfriend Inna Sovkova, who bore him a son in 2011.
The couple broke up after six months. During the first six years, the athlete periodically paid the ex-girlfriend alimony in the amount of 15,000 rubles, but later expressed doubt about the paternity of the child.
In December 2018, the court ordered Kolesnikov to pay alimony in the amount of 1/6 of the income, but the basketball player filed a lawsuit challenging paternity and declared his readiness to conduct a DNA examination at his own expense.
Earlier it was reported that UNICS won Zenit in the regular season of the VTB United League.

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