“Very strange things”: remember what happened in the 1st and 2nd seasons 

On July 4, right on Independence Day,  Netflix will release the long-awaited third season of Very Strange Things, which has been rescheduled from October 2018. Given the new release date, it turns out that the premiere of the second season took place almost two years ago, during which time much was forgotten. For those who do not have time to review the first seasons, we have prepared a complete recap of everything that happened in Very Strange Things.
Where did the Eleventh run in the second season? What happened to Barb? And who sacrificed himself for the sake of heroes? Recall the main thing.
Missing Will
Lovers of “Dungeons and Dragons” Will, Dustin and Lucas gathered in Mike’s house for the next intense game, which ended later than usual. On the way back, the boys parted then an unknown monster attacked Will and launched a chain of very strange things.
Appearance of the eleventh
While the whole city is helping Joyce Byers, Will’s mother, look for her son, we get acquainted with the Eleventh, skinhead girl with telekinesis skills. Fending off government agents, the girl meets Mike, Lucas and Dustin, who once again went out in search of Will. They give her the nickname Ody (because of the tattoo on her arm with her number), and Mike puts her in the basement of his house.
In search of Will Joyce, police chief Jim Hopper and her eldest son Jonathan, in love with Mike’s sister Nancy, are helping. With her best friend named Barb, she goes to a party with a school friend, but spends the whole evening with Steve (at that time a big asshole). Abandoned Barb remains sad near the pool, then a strange creature Demogorgon attacks her with a mouth that looks like an open bud. It takes Barb to a parallel dimension in which Will is already in.
Living dead will
Due to the loss of her son and police inaction, Joyce gradually loses her mind, while at the same time she begins to think that Will communicates with her through the Christmas garland. She draws the alphabet on the wall of the living room (one of the main characters of the series) and after a short message from her son understands that Will is alive. However, the search ends at the same time, because a soaked children’s body was found in the local reservoir. Boys, Hopper and Joyce believe that this is a ploy.
Government hunts for the Eleventh
After the body was found, the heroes are hinted that the search for Will should be stopped. Boys and Hopper are gradually realizing the scale of a government conspiracy. Then the agents begin the hunt for the Eleventh, and we find out her story: in fact, her name is Jane, she spent her whole life in a secret laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Benner, who experimented with her. In one of the most spectacular scenes of the series, the guys try to break away from the pursuit of the white van, then the Eleventh uses its forces and throws it into the air.
Search for Will in a Parallel Dimension
The boys come to Hawkins High School there where they try to charge Eleventh’s abilities so that she goes in search of Will in a parallel dimension. There she sees that the boy is alive, but before that she finds the body of Barb. While Nancy, Steve and Jonathan fight off the monsters in the Byers house, Joyce and Jim go to the laboratory to go through the portal and pick up Will for this. Hopper reveals Benner the location of the Eleventh.
Meeting with Demogorgon
In a parallel dimension, Hopper recalls his daughter Sarah, who died of cancer, but finds the strength to move on with Joyce, they find Will. Government agents and Benner arrive at the school for the Eleventh, but she copes with them. Spilled blood attracts Demogorgon after a short fight, the girl destroys the monster, but disappears herself.
Will gradually wakes up, but still suffers from a long stay in a parallel dimension, spits out a black worm, but hides it from his family. Hopper hoping for the return of the Eleventh leaves her favorite Eggos waffle meal in the forest.
A year has passed since the events of the first season, life seemed to be getting better, but Will still suffers from PTSD. Strange episodes happen to him, when he seems to move into a parallel dimension and sees a huge arachnid creature approaching Hawkins.
New heroes
Two students arrived from California: a handsome senior high school student Billy, who drives a Camaro and runs into Steve, and Maxine, or Mad Max, used this nickname when she set a record in a local slot machine. The older heroes were joined by Bob, a longtime acquaintance of Joyce, whom she began dating.
Lousy halloween
Lucas, Mike, Will and Dustin dress up as Ghostbusters and set off to collect sweets. At this time, Hopper sets off to investigate an agricultural crime: local pumpkins suddenly turned black due to the activities of the laboratory.
Return of the Eleventh
At the end of the first season, Hopper left the Eleventh recesses with waffles after returning from a parallel dimension, she finds them in the forest, and then Hopper. Jim takes the girl under his care and does not let out of his hut. The eleventh every day listens to what Mike tells her on the radio, but due to the ban, Hopper can not answer him.
New problems with Will
Joyce and Hopper learn about Will’s new hobby to draw that same arachnid monster with black pencils. Hopper realizes that dozens of individual drawings are parts of a huge map. Under the field, sown with black pumpkins, there are tunnels of monsters: Hopper descends there, but loses consciousness due to toxic gas. Joyce and Bob save him at the last moment. At this time, a new monster, controlling his consciousness, penetrates Will.
Escape the Eleventh
Tired of house arrest, the Eleventh escapes to visit his mother after a short meeting, she gets into a gang of garbage who was tortured in the same laboratory (the worst episode of the season!). They plan on killing scientists, but after a short stay, Eleventh decides to abandon the vendetta and return to Hawkins.
Bob’s death
In the second season, new enemies like dog monsters appeared. Bob volunteers to enter the laboratory guard room and open the way for Joyce, Hopper, Mike, and Will. Realizing that the heroes will not escape the monsters, Bob sacrifices himself. The most dramatic moment of the season.
Will Exorcism
The only thing that hurts monsters is heat. The heroes decide to heat the obsessed Will so that a monster comes out of him. The plan, of course, worked. At this time, the eleventh returning and Hopper close a huge portal in the Hawkins laboratory: she uses telekinesis, he puts packs of dog monsters.
The final
A month later, the government is forced to plead guilty to the death of Barb and Bob, the laboratory is closed. There is a ball at school! Lucas dances with Max, Mike with the Eleventh. After kissing the latter, we are shown that a huge monster is approaching Hawkins from a parallel dimension. What this will lead to, we will find out very soon!

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