Vitalina Tsymbalyuk called Prokhor Shalyapin the future father 

Now Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya is enjoying a holiday in Sochi. She actively communicates with users and shares with them her pictures, as well as memories from the past. The woman conducts a kind of instagram of the followers to the followers of the sights of the Soviet era and leaves reviews about the clinics and procedures.
A couple of weeks ago, Prokhor Shalyapin was with Vitalina in the south of Russia  . At this time, a woman actively published pictures and videos with his participation. In the descriptions of the posts the lady called the young singer her second husband.
Users tried to find out from her when they managed to formalize the relationship, but Vitalina did not answer such questions.
One of these days the woman has strengthened an intrigue. She posted a photo in her account. In the photo Vitalina is captured in a red bathing suit against the background of the Black Sea. In the frame of a woman flaunts one. Users asked her where the bridegroom had disappeared. Vitalina retorted that he was not the groom, but “the future father”. Tsymbalyuk explained: Prokhor is already in Moscow, and those who want to see him can turn on the weather forecast on NTV.
Hooking on the phrase “future father”, subscribers tried to find out exactly what the woman meant, but she again chose to remain silent. Fans of the couple do not understand whether the lady had in mind her own pregnancy, or so called her companion in connection with another scandal in which Prochora is credited with paternity.
Alert users noticed that Vitalina prefers to keep intrigue only in matters that concern her and Chaliapin. Otherwise, she openly communicates with subscribers and even calmly and judiciously responds to harsh criticism of her own wardrobe.
Such a difference increasingly leads the followers to suspect that the relationship between Prokhor and Vitalina is friendship. In love, they just play to the public.

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