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What awaits Russia after a climate catastrophe

A group of scientists from Russia and the United States conducted a study on what Russia will be by the end of the 21st century.
According to them, a significant part of the country, which is located in Asia, will become fit for a large number of people – climate refugees.
In the study, researchers examined two options for climate change: moderate and extreme. It turned out that the average winter temperature in Siberia will increase by 3-9 degrees. Rainfall will increase by 60-140 millimeters. According to experts, by 2080 the permafrost area will be reduced from 65% to 40%. And even under the scenario of a moderate climate increase, the country’s ecological landscape will improve. This means that the ability of nature to maintain people’s living conditions will improve.
According to most analysts, climate change will lead to an increase in the number of “climate refugees.” Their number can reach several billions, since they will be resettled from China and India. There conditions will become unsuitable for life.

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