What can never be done with eyebrows 

Eyebrows in fashion. Therefore, eyebrows – a huge business. Everywhere salons and brow bars, every week there are new tools and stencils for eyebrows. And of course many people call themselves eyebrow experts. But be careful. Your eyebrows are your wealth. Do not let them pull out the wrong way and even more paint! Our instructions will help you understand what is good and what is bad when it comes to eyebrows.
The main thing you need to know: the last seasons in fashion are natural thick eyebrows, like those of Brooke Shields in the 1980s or our supermodels Natalia Vodyanova and  Irina Shayk . And these are not eyebrows, densely painted with shadows – all the hairs are visible on these eyebrows, they are neatly combed and slightly tousled, that is, they look very natural. That’s right: after makeup, eyebrows began to appear thicker, but all the hairs are visible. Wrong: eyebrows seem bright fat caterpillars.

Eyebrows should not be beautiful on their own, but on your face.
Forget eyebrow stencils that have recently gained popularity due to ease of use and time savings. The faces of all people are very different, and eyebrows should emphasize the individual characteristics of the shape of the face, and not spoil the image – hairdressers do not cut women with a carbon copy. By nature, symmetrical eyebrows do not exist, so do not try to make them absolutely identical. It is also important that the eyebrows go to you – they should be disassembled and the shape should fit your face. Wrong: draw symmetrical eyebrows of regular shape. That’s right: follow the natural shape of your eyebrows. And if you don’t have time for makeup, just comb them to make them appear thicker.
In fashion, the eyebrows are wide, but not too
Do you remember the eyebrows of Marfushenka-Darling from the fairy tale “Frost”? Make sure that your master on the eyebrows does not overdo it and does not draw something as broad on your face. To achieve a natural look, you need to make short strokes and draw the missing hairs.
How to draw eyebrows?
If you use a pencil, it should be firm and thin, and not thick and cream. It is necessary to start coloring eyebrows not at the base of the bridge of the nose, but stepping 1 cm away from it, moving along the hairline. Do not fill the eyebrows completely with the tool, but rather just draw the missing hairs. That’s right: Always blend the lines – so the eyebrows will look not painted, but natural.
Blondes! You need to take eyebrow pencils a tone darker!
For a more natural look of drawn hairs, choose shades a little lighter than the natural color of hairs so that eyebrows do not seem too heavy. The exception to the rule is blonde blondes: it is better for them to choose a shade to tone darker to highlight their eyebrows.

Do you have very fluffy eyebrows? They can be slightly trimmed with nail scissors.
If you have too thick eyebrows with naughty hairs – they need extra care. Be sure to buy a fixing eyebrow gel (some stylists use hairspray for the same purpose – spray it on a clean brush from a mascara or toothbrush and brush their eyebrows). To soften the hair, apply on them several times a week for a couple of minutes hair conditioner or use oils (coconut, olive, castor). If you comb your eyebrows (the movement of the hand is from the bottom up) and the hairs closer to the nose bridge stick out too much, you can trim them to a general level.
Brows – taste indicator
Eyebrow tattoo almost always looks unnatural, gives age. In addition, the likelihood that the result after the tattoo will not suit you is very high. And removing it is very difficult and painful. So better use pencils, shadows and gels – you can always redo the result.
Where to go for the eyebrows?
You do not go there – you go here! Now super-eyebrows are offered to us to do at every step and in 15 minutes, but where do so many eyebrow masters come from and why does the procedure take so little time? Always responsibly choose the master, do not go simply at the behest of your soul in unfamiliar salons. If you like colleagues eyebrows, ask who she goes to and ask for the phone. Or simply study the photos in instagram and find a girl like you with beautiful eyebrows – and just repeat their makeup.

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