What do men bite on dating sites 

Each of us at least once in my life was registered on a dating site. For some, it was a good experience, for some it is not, but the question of which questionnaires the men on these sites still bite on is still open.
Good quality photos
Firstly, there should be a lot of them. Secondly, do not overdo it with Photoshop, otherwise your profile will simply look ridiculous. Finally, the photo must be relevant. No need to upload a snapshot of five years ago, where you were slim, if you have since gained 10 kilograms. At a personal meeting in the first place will be uncomfortable to you.
Similar interests
One of the main points of contact between a man and a woman is common interests. If you can not live without extreme sports, you are fond of cars or do not miss a single football match, do not hesitate to write about it. Such hobbies will certainly appreciate the stronger sex.

Life values
If we assume that you want to find love on a dating site, and not a one-night partner, you must immediately write in your profile about your values. A good man who is also looking for a serious relationship, will certainly pay attention to the fact that the family comes first.
Brevity – your sister
Even if you really have hundreds of advantages, you do not need to describe in detail each of them on your page. Limit yourself to qualities that distinguish you from others, and be concise. It is unlikely that a man, seeing the sheet of the text, will begin to read into it and decipher the metaphors.

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