What drinks are good for hypertensive patients?

The best option for people suffering from hypertension is to reduce salt intake, but eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible. In this regard, experts strongly recommend drinking 150 mg of beet juice daily to lower blood pressure. About it reports
Beets contain a large amount of nitrates, which will help hypertensive patients to fight the disease. Some experts even argue that beet juice can be put on a par with medicines by its utility.
Green tea has a very positive effect on the body. About 3 months of regular use of this drink – and in the future we can expect a decrease in pressure of 2.6 mm Hg. Art.
As for the drink from Kombucha, its benefit is due to the content in the product of a large number of probiotics. This means that it can be used to strengthen the health of the intestines and reduce pressure.
Other products that are more familiar to us as a result of fermentation will also be useful for hypertensive patients: yogurt, miso or kimchi.

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