What foods we eat wrong

Our Russian habit of consuming certain foods, for example, eating individual fruit without peel or drinking tea with milk, may surprise some other nationalities. From what? Let’s see.
Until recently, it was believed that for health benefits porridge must be cooked exclusively on water and without any additives. However, now even nutritionists advise to boil it in milk, and add berries or nuts instead of sugar. Such a breakfast for a long time will drown out the feeling of hunger and give a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day.
Many Russians love fresh tomato salad. But these vegetables are best eaten not stewed, but stewed. What for? They contain the substance lycopene, which is a strong antioxidant. Using it reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. And best of all, lycopene is absorbed from tomatoes, a little stewed on the fire.
We also eat carrots often raw. But the main beneficial substance in it is carotene, which boosts immunity, has a positive effect on vision, and also protects the body from aging, cancer and cardiovascular diseases, is 5 times better absorbed from boiled carrots. On the whole, boiled carrots are better absorbed by the body, which is important for people suffering from digestive problems.
The skin of a pumpkin is thick and firm, therefore we, as a rule, get rid of it. Meanwhile, pumpkin rind – just a storehouse of useful elements. So, it contains zinc, which contributes to the health of the skin and nails, as well as the already mentioned carotene. Therefore, you can safely eat a pumpkin unpeeled.
Everyone knows that this fruit is rich in vitamins and other beneficial elements, including essential oils and organic acids. And how do we eat it? First, remove the peel … But the grapefruit peel is very rich in vitamin C! Yes, in its natural form it is really problematic. But together with the pulp, you can skip the rind through a meat grinder, mix the resulting mass with honey and put it in the fridge. Once the mixture is infused there, you can take it before meals or add it to tea. This is an excellent tool for cleaning vessels.
In Russia, it is also common to remove peel from kiwi fruit before use. And in vain! The peel of this fruit contains three times more antioxidants than its pulp! Be sure to eat whole kiwi!
Everyone knows about the benefits of pomegranates, for example, to work the cardiovascular system. But not everyone loves to eat them, as this fruit is very difficult to clean. In the cleaning process, as a rule, everything around is splashed with juice … How to clean the garnet correctly? Take a spoon and a deep bowl. Cut off the top of the fruit first. Then cut along the veins. Now turn the fruit over and tap it with a spoon.
Broccoli cabbage we usually stew, bake or boil in a saucepan with water. And thus we destroy the main value of this vegetable – vitamin C. It should be cooked only for a couple or cut fresh in a salad. It also does not hurt to know that not only the inflorescences can be eaten, but also the stems: it is the latter that contain the most beneficial vitamins and minerals.
Garlic is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, it contains more than 100 useful substances for the body. But do we use it correctly? Most often, we simply cut the garlic cloves and then throw them into the soup or other dish. Meanwhile, garlic should not be cut, and crush. Selling garlic is better to leave for 10 minutes “to rest.” Then he will fully reveal its useful properties.
Cinnamon we used to add only in coffee, pastries or desserts. Did you know that this spice stimulates the brain, improves blood circulation, regulates blood sugar levels? Therefore, if there is cinnamon in the house, it is advisable to add it wherever possible – in porridge, tea, and as a condiment to meat and fish dishes. Just do not overdo it with the amount!
Tea with milk
Firstly, milk does not allow us to feel the true taste and aroma of the drink, and secondly, if black tea is mixed with milk, then some of the nutrients are lost – antioxidants that positively affect the cardiovascular system. If we add milk to green tea, then milk protein is mixed with theaflamin. This combination of substances is hardly absorbed by the body. Therefore, tea and milk are best consumed separately.

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