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What happens in the workshop for the production of sex dolls for

Somewhere in Southern California, nine people spend their days scrupulously fashioning faces, pouring silicone into molds and making artificial, but very natural nipples, making luxury sex dolls. Each RealDoll doll has a flexible skeleton, for its production you need about 80 hours of work from scratch to the very end. True, special requests, which may include several heads or elf ears, take additional time.
Photographer Robert Benson captures the surreal world at the Abyss Creations factory in the suburb of San Diego, where faceless bodies hang from the ceiling and shelves are tightly lined with dildos. Benson compared the factory with any other workplace, saying, “Everyone is very passionate about what they do and are serious about work. I think the excitement is erased after the first week and it becomes like any other job. ”
Artist Matthew McMullen, who founded Abyss Creations, claims that it came about by luck. In 1994, he worked in the production of masks for Halloween and sculpted a female figure for a personal artistic project, and she “seemed to have begun to live her life.” He had the idea to create a realistic dummy. Due to public demand, the project soon grew into the world’s first silicone sex doll, capable of taking certain poses.
Sex dolls began to be made in Japan back in the 1980s, but they were plastic. RealDoll McMullen dolls are made from high-quality silicone, which retains heat and gives more realistic sensations along with greater elasticity, as indicated on the company’s website.
Thanks to the flexible skeleton of the doll, customers can bend it as they like. Replaced faces, along with a high degree of personalization, add realism to dolls.
The cost of standard dolls with 18 types of female bodies and two types of men’s starts from 6.5 thousand dollars, and more complex orders will cost from 12 thousand dollars. Each doll has the correct anatomy, and the genitals, like everything else, can be made in accordance with the preferences of the client. The dolls are equipped with a movable jaw with soft and elastic lips, a very soft tongue and soft silicone teeth.
McMullen has not enough success that he has already achieved. Now the company is developing a model that will respond to its owner and simulate human emotions during sexual intercourse. The ultimate goal is to be able to imitate the feeling of love with the help of a silicone doll.

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