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What I love the top of the toilet 

I am afraid to fly on an airplane and, if I have such an opportunity, I choose trains. Therefore, I often travel a lot on them. I know that the most unpopular place among the Russians is the upper side of the toilet, but I choose only it.
First, the price. During the summer or New Year holidays, when prices rise, and all people travel south or just travel around Russia, tickets to the side of the toilet are cheaper by 10-20%, and this is quite noticeable. Sometimes there are stocks and you can grab a place at a price that is 40% lower than the rest on the reserved seat.
Secondly, most often the lower place is empty. As for me, sleeping upstairs near the toilet is better than downstairs. If it is empty, you can safely go down and use the table. This is better than moving the passenger from the bottom seat, who wants to sleep and is outraged loudly.
Some say that everyone goes to the toilet, it smells unpleasant and they hear the door slam. But in fact, in the new cars smell is not felt, and the doors do not slam. In any case, they are heard just as much as in the rest of the car. In addition, at night, passengers, going to the toilet, try to behave more quietly so as not to wake the rest of the sleeping.

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