What is peganism, or what you need to know about the new diet that is gaining popularity 

Nutritionists around the world are constantly developing new ways to lose weight that are not harmful to health and provide an effective and fast result. One of the new trends in this area is the Pegan diet. But is it as harmless as it may seem at first glance?
History of
Peganism appeared as a result of the synthesis of two opposites: the famous paleo-diet and vegetarianism. Vegetarianism completely excludes products of animal origin, that is, fish, dairy products, meat, eggs. The idea of ​​a paleo-diet, on the contrary, is to consume products that our ancestors naturally extracted: meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. But, unlike vegetarianism, legumes, sugar and processed foods are banned in paleo. Peganism took the best from both methods of nutrition.
What is
In the Pegan diet, the main emphasis is on the consumption of fruits and vegetables – their content in the diet should be at least 75%. The rest is allocated to meat and fish: the body gets the necessary fatty acids and vitamin B12, which vegetarians often suffer from a lack of. Meat changes its position: in peganism, it becomes a garnish for vegetables and fruits, not the main course. The choice of fish and meat should be approached carefully: the diet allows only meat of animals grown on natural nutrition, and fish with a minimum content of mercury – for example, sardines or salmon.
What not to eat
The Pegan diet excludes products based on cow’s milk: only goat or sheep milk products are allowed. Consumption of whole-grain products is also allowed, but strictly gluten-free, for example, quinoa and brown rice. Sometimes you can eat honey, maple syrup and brown sugar, but only in small quantities. Products with sweeteners, food additives, chemicals, dyes and preservatives are completely prohibited.
Pros and cons
Any new diet should be tried with caution and under medical supervision, especially in the presence of gastrointestinal diseases. The Pegan diet is undoubtedly effective, but it limits the wide range of healthy foods that our body needs. Therefore, before you sit on it, you must consult with a specialist.

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