What is the actual name of Nyusha, Paulina Andreev, Dima Bilan and other stars who changed their name

“As you call a ship, it will sail like that,” said Captain Vrungel. And this statement is shared by many psychologists, arguing that the name can change not only the character of a person, but also his fate. Some celebrities decided to independently influence the future and came up with new names for themselves. WMJ.ru made a selection of stars, which parents at birth called differently.
Until 2007, the energetic and beautiful singer Nyusha was called Anna, but the artist pseudonym liked the artist much more. After participating in the show “STS lights a superstar,” the actress changed her name in the passport and officially became Nyusha Vladimirovna Shurochkina. In an interview, she said that her parents habitually called her Annie.
Paulina Andreeva
The beloved Fyodor Bondarchuk and the famous actress Paulina Andreeva used to be Ekaterina. But this fact from its past celebrity kept secret to the last. The real name of the star became known only in 2016 thanks to the recollections of classmates and the class teacher. Creative pseudonym Paulina took when she entered the theater school.
Dima Bilan
When the future artist was born, the parents considered several variants of the name for the child, including Dmitry.
Dima called my beloved grandfather, and my parents wanted to call me that, but, looking at me more attentively, for some reason they decided that I was Victor,
– said Bilan in an interview with the publication “7 days”.
When the boy studied in the 9th grade, he dreamed of becoming a famous artist and taking on the creative pseudonym Dima. As he thought, this name would look better on the billboard than the name of Vitya. Changed the singer and last name, which was originally written through the “e”. In 2008, a representative of Bilan said that the artist has officially changed the data in the passport.
The singer Pelagia had to change the name because of the mistake made by the registrar. Employees of the institution suggested that Pelagia was an obsolete form of the name Pauline, and they recorded the child in a new way. When it was time to get a passport, the future artist corrected Pauline to Pelageya. The star is proud of its old name, that was the name of its grandmother!
Anfisa Chekhov
As a child, Anfisa Chekhov was called Alexandra Korchunova. The relationship of the future star with his father were not easy. As the TV presenter recalled, the man was a very tough person in upbringing. He planted a small daughter on a huge Newfoundland dog to temper the character of the child. When Alexandra was 4 years old, her father left the family. At the age of 16, she decided to change her passport data. She found the old grandfather’s letters and found out that her distant relative bore the name of Chekhov, and she liked her. And the future star simply liked the name Anfisa.
People’s Artist Valeria at birth was Alla Perfilova . The future star made her debut on the screen in 1988 in the television program “Wider Circle”. In those years, Alla Pugacheva was one of the most popular artists on the Russian stage , so Perfilova decided to change her name, becoming Valeria. Nickname caught on so that soon the actress began to call Valeria even her own mother. In 1993, the star changed her name in the passport, becoming Valeria Yurievna.
Angelica Varum
Unlike previous artists, Angelica Varum did not change her name in the passport. In fact, the star is called Maria, and so, by the way, her family and friends call her. Colleagues turn to the artist exclusively Angelica. According to the star, she was already accustomed to two names, and they became equal for her. The singer took the creative pseudonym because she didn’t want to perform on stage under the name of the Holy Virgin. The future star remembered that her grandmother-polka called her an angel as a child, and the choice became obvious.

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