What lies with the Russians on the mezzanine 

An old toy sewing machine, boxes with unnecessary clothes and a slide projector that no one is ever going to use again – the Russians are storing an incredible amount of rubbish on the mezzanine that has sentimental value for them. Sometimes this stuff is part of an inheritance inherited from grandfathers and parents, with whom there is no time to deal. There are mezzanines filled with things in almost every apartment in the former Soviet space. After all, before things had a very high value for our citizens – it was difficult and expensive to obtain them. So the manner of not throwing anything away – “what if a war? What if it comes in handy?” – one of the brightest everyday habits of Russians. Only in the most recent years, the trend has changed.
Young adults, born at the turn of the zero, belong to things without reverence and without hesitation dismantle the rubble on the uppermost shelves. Sometimes the process reveals the most amazing finds.

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