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What strange objects found on the spot death group Dyatlova 

From the Editor: Degteryov Valentin, specializing in the search for everything, whatever (mostly lost aircraft), relying on satellite photo data, has now mastered photo editors. He once “found” the missing Malaysian Boeing, then he found the perpetrators of the deaths of the passengers of another Boeing over the Donbas, and soon tried to solve the mystery of John Kennedy’s murder . but also investigators.
I think I found a rather curious artifact. When looking at the famous photographs of search works, in the zone of the so-called “flooring” (the photo I took from public sources) found a curious detail.
Among the branches and among the abandoned clothes lies a clearly visible package. On a white background, the letter R, some badges and perhaps inscrutable inscriptions are visible. Packaging is clearly of import origin. Such on sale in the USSR, in 50 years did not meet.
How she got there is unknown. Most likely, this is part of the package of dry rations or emergency rations of the pilot of the Air Force of a foreign army. Although during the war in the USSR, food supplies were set up (including for NZ Air Force pilots) from the USA. In addition, cigarettes, various types of alcohol, and medicines were supplied to the USSR. Therefore, in 1959, some remnants of past supplies could be in the hands of the population.
But here a number of serious questions arise. Flooring was a haven for freezing tourists. They were on it for a while. Why they left their clothes there is unknown. It is possible that someone forced people to undress, threatening them with a weapon, or even beating them.
There is no direct evidence that the flooring was built by the tourists themselves.
If the flooring served as the altar for ritual purposes. For example, the ritual of killing people was performed on it. That the Aborigines could well lay there all more or less valuable, from the set of things that they had.
So in this very place, in addition to packaging from a foreign emergency kit, there is a traditional Mansi amulet. It hangs on a branch laid on the bottom of the flooring. In the same place the clothes of tourists lie. So they tried to appease their gods, offering them the most valuable thing that was found at a height of 1079.
How did the air force pilot set-up there turned out to be unknown? I don’t dare to fantasize, but I can assume that the U-2 spy plane shot down in 1960 was not the first loss of the CIA in the Urals.
The wreckage of the aircraft and part of its cargo could be found by local residents. They did not report anything to the authorities, but took food or cigarettes with them.
Once in the place of death dyatlovtsev found such objects, the matter was immediately classified. Apparently they made the discovery by chance, but none of the search engines reported it. Hence the incomprehensible terms used by investigators in a criminal case. For some reason they called this crime a catastrophe.
Although this is only my guess, or the next version, that only finally confuses the already complicated question about the death of tourists in 1959.

On the photo are various artifacts that were found on the flooring. For example, part of the packaging from (presumably) on-board power or emergency recruitment of a NATO Air Force pilot  . It is curious that foreign packaging lies next to the charm of the Mansi people.

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