What to do so that the hair is not fluffy and smooth 

Beautiful curls for girls – a pledge of attractiveness. But what to do so that the hair is not fluffy and smooth? There are folk methods that have been collected for years to solve the problem of electrifying hair.
The reasons that the hair push
First you need to understand the causes of fluffiness in order to get rid of this effect.
The list of reasons why hair starts to push:
unbalanced nutrition;
reduced amount of fluid consumed (daily average water for drinking should be at least 1.5-2 l, it is determined individually at the rate of 30 mg per kilogram of weight);
lack of moisture in the hair follicles;
the use of combs from non-natural (plastic) materials;
frequent staining and discoloration;
regular use of curling, rectifier, hair dryer, styler;
the use of styling products having a chemical composition (varnish, foam);
prolonged exposure to direct sunlight;
poor environmental conditions.
In cold seasons, dryness and “puffing” appear when wearing a hat, which includes a lot of synthetic fibers. You need to choose all care devices and hats from natural materials.
Effective products for smooth hair
If the hair is naughty and requires constant care, you should know what to do so that the hair is not fluffy and smooth at home.
For this there are several rules, simple and effective:
The right choice of shampoo for washing. Need to choose from a professional series. It is important that it is suitable for daily use and the manufacturer recommended it for dry, thin, curly and damaged hair.
The use of balm – a prerequisite. Today on the market you can find a means to keep your hair from flowing and smooth – an indelible balm that wraps every hair and moisturizes it for a long time.
Drying. Should be carried out in natural conditions, without the use of special tools. Hair does not like prolonged friction with a towel. But you should also not go to bed with wet hair.
Laying. For lovers to use curlers, experts advise a smooth form, without the presence of stickies. Those who do their hair using high-temperature devices are recommended to lubricate the locks with a special protective agent before the procedure in order not to burn or damage their structure. Girls with curls do not need to do anything before straightening, the procedure should be performed only with dry hair.
Comb and procedure. Combing should be done only with a brush made of wood; use of metal and plastic combs should be excluded. They thin the hair and make it weak and lifeless. All manipulations on combing and styling are recommended to be performed only after complete drying.
Protection. In the warmer months, on the curls need to put special means of protection, in the form of milk and conditioner. In the cold period of time, you need to try to “hide” the hair, so that they spoil their appearance, and at home to use means of winter protection for care.
Food and water. It should be drunk per day as much as possible fluid. The daily ration should include: cottage cheese, fish, beans, pumpkin seeds, avocados, cereals, nuts and olive oil.
All methods and tips are simple, for their performance it is not necessary to visit salons, you can cope at home.

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