What to take on a trip to the sea 

Proper preparation is one of the components of a carefree holiday.
Summer is a time when all your thoughts take only one thing: the upcoming vacation. If you are one of the lucky ones who are already beginning to pack their bags in anticipation of a cherished holiday, our material will be most welcome.
So, what to take with you on a trip to the sea so that the long-awaited vacation is unforgettable?
Rest is not the best time to think about your own images, especially when you want to throw something easy and just go surf the beach. However, in order not to pass for the insane urban, we still recommend that you thoroughly approach the compilation of relaxed images.
Must-haves of your suitcase should be: jumpsuit (the absolute champion is already the second summer season), shortened shorts (the rule is perfect here: the smaller the better) and, of course, the swimsuit. Anticipating the changeable weather, we recommend grabbing a couple of shirts with you (you can borrow from your boyfriend). And do not forget about the dress: in the evening it will definitely come in handy.
Prefer bright saturated colors and floral colors, which further improve the already good holiday mood.
We think it’s not necessary to say that it is better to spend your vacation on a flat run and give up heels and studs no matter how you like them. Flip-flops, sabots on the platform, sandals and sandals – six months ago, the designers tried their best and prepared us for the summer season. Pay attention to the transparent details and inserts and different variations of decor – from fringe to feathers.
As soon as we begin to think about vacation, the thought of a large beach bag, which can fit all the most necessary, immediately comes to mind! So, packing your bags, first of all, make sure that the roomy model is in the right place – your luggage.
Do not forget to take a smaller handbag as well: trendy straw options or trendy string bags will fit into the relaxed style of the sea coast. And, of course, pleasant trifles in the form of a pair of earrings or bracelets will always find a place for themselves even in the busiest suitcase of a fashionista.

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