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What you didn’t know about Bali 

Pallor of picturesque waterfalls, mysterious temples and caves, and quiet rest tires? We invite you to travel to unusual places in Bali. Here the foot of a tourist rarely steps, but the spirit of the island of the Gods is felt to the full. No wonder, because the exotic nature itself was created by the amazing nature of South Asia, and the owners only emphasized the original color.

Bali Strawberry Farm & Restaurant

Do you think Bali is the birthplace of mangosteen, rambutan, lychee and durian? In addition to exotic on the island, they also grow strawberries familiar to Europeans. Only Balinese berries due to the humid sunny climate are more juicy and sweet. At the farm in Bedugul, visitors can try freshly picked berries. Lovers of “quiet hunting” owners can collect the strawberries themselves. And, of course, the restaurant, which is located on the farm, is famous for its strawberry desserts and drinks. However, sweet is not the only “trick” of Bali Strawberry Restaurant. How do you like pizza with strawberries or fried noodles with meat and the same strawberries for originality of taste?

Sacred Mount Chatur

Not far from Bedugul, you can visit another not very popular tourist destination – the fourth highest mountain in Bali – Chatur (2096 m). This is a “place of power” among the Balinese, and as such it is considered not in vain. According to the legends, “holy water” originates from here (in fact, 85% of the rivers originate from Chatur), and the local vegetation is suitable for both fantasy about elves and for films about jungles and distant planets, as it is diverse. The small number of tourists is explained simply: there are no routes on the mountain adapted for a comfortable climb. At best, travelers visit the Pura Puncak Mangu temple located at the foot of the hill. The way to the top is only for strong bodies and spirits: to achieve the goal, it will be necessary to overcome steep cliffs, abyssal paths on both sides, narrow mountain ranges.
Tegal Wangi Beach
If you are not afraid of the lack of infrastructure, the consequence of which is the absence of holidaymakers on this beautiful beach, welcome to the unique natural spa resort. Feature Tegal Wangi – natural ponds with sea water and light hydromassage. Also natural due to ebbs and flows. Oceanic Jacuzzi with a “bonus” in the form of colorful landscapes and healing air. Relaxation, maximum emotion and relaxation from crowded crowds and noise are 100% guaranteed.

Taman Festival Bali Ghost Town

Do you think that in the modern world there is no place for ghosts? Let me dissuade you and invite you to an abandoned park on the Sanur coast (Padangalak beach). The amusement park was planned to open in the late 90s of the last century, but apparently Balinese deities intervened, deciding that in the form of a ghost town the attraction would be more original. If you like post-apocalypse films, this place will delight you. Imagine: rocky gloomy coast, abandoned ticket office, hidden under the powerful vines of the building and the statue. The locals are sure that the buildings are protected by evil spirits, so even before visiting the park, an atmosphere of danger and increased adrenaline is created. A truly life-threatening emergency condition of buildings only aggravates the feeling of fear.

Charly’s chocolate

Another gap pattern for the inhabitants of the European region – a chocolate factory, located … in a bamboo grove. Of course, organic chocolate in Bali is produced not only here, but this factory is unique for many reasons. Firstly, the production buildings themselves are built from natural material: bamboo, palm trees. From local varieties of wood and most of the factory equipment. Secondly, chocolate is made from cocoa beans and coffee grown on the coast. No chemical additives, preservatives. Thirdly, the products of Charlie’s chocolate factory will not be found on the shelves not of Europe or Asia, it is not even in Balinese stores. The founder works only under the order and produces exclusive chocolate in small batches.
The assortment is unusual: chocolate with bitter goji berries, pasta made from cocoa beans and coconut syrup, crispy and melted in the tongue bars cashews. An added plus to traveling to the factory: luxurious waves on the coast and the opportunity to surf before a sweet lunch or dinner. And the purity of the body will provide organic-soap, the manufacture of which is also keen on Charlie.

Goa lawah

And here the famous temple of Bali and routes untrodden by tourists? Everything is simple: the temple, which travelers attend during colorful celebrations, is known not only for ceremonies and thousand-year history. The initiate knows another secret of the temple: meditations here take place in a cave with bats. It is believed that an appeal to higher forces is more effective at a squeak in the ultrasonic range, and to focus on prayer, waiting for the flight of a mouse is a responsible exercise that requires spiritual strength.
The cave is not the only attraction of the temple. There are many legends associated with the complex. For example, about the existence of an underground passage through which you can get into Pura Besakih or Tangkid Bangbang.

Village of the dead

Another route for lovers of modern horror movies. Yes, and in the 21st century there are real places where ancient rituals are still honored, which travelers in Bali can witness. Trunyan, the so-called village of the dead, is located on the shores of Lake Batur and is inhabited by the ancient Balinese people Bali Aga.
The peculiarity of the locals: in contrast to the “modernized” Balinese, they still profess animism, that is, they believe that all natural phenomena and creatures are alive. The result of such a belief: dead people are not buried, not burned, or even buried. They are left under the huge tree Taru menyan, giving to the forces of nature. It is believed that the spirits take away the “victim” along with the smell of a carcass, which is really not in the village. But the feeling of mysticism is present here in full. Especially, if we take into account that it is impossible to get into and get out of Trunyan quickly. You have to enjoy the adrenaline and the taste of mystery, until the boat arrives behind you.

Turtle Conservation And Education Center

From the preglacial period that killed dinosaurs and mammoths, only crocodiles and turtles survive to our time. And those people successfully destroy for fun. The Center for the conservation and breeding of turtles in Bali (Serangan) is the only one on the island where, on a voluntary basis (free of charge, without subsidies from the state), they are taking measures to increase the number of endangered amphibians.
Entrance to the center is free, the founders offer to make a donation, but no one will insist on making money. Turtle Island is a complex of natural and artificial reservoirs in which optimal conditions are created for incubating eggs, breeding young stock and adapting it to living conditions in a familiar environment. Admire the process of the birth of a turtle, see dozens of young turtles who are not afraid of people, and look at the giants larger than a meter you can at the Turtle Conservation And Education Center.

Shark cave

Did you meet friendly sharks? Balinese in the suburb of Padang Bay claim that the 1-2-meter-long “fish” found in the Shark Cave do not consider a person as a menu and behave “sociable” and peaceful. The teeth of reef sharks and lionfish can tickle nerves to extremals.
The only thing that is required to get acquainted with the underwater world is mastery of the art of diving. To get into the cave will have to overcome a strong current and adapt to low water temperatures, which in itself is an adventure. As a reward: the picturesque world of the Indian Ocean, unique vegetation and living creatures.
An island at the “crossroads” of two oceans and several cultures can surprise even experienced travelers. At a distance of several kilometers a traveler can dive from places with a mysterious atmosphere into a completely modern way of life, temporarily feel like a vampire or a post-apocalypse resident, a hero of science fiction or action. Choose an emotion: adrenaline, mysticism, joy, relaxation, pleasure, and Bali will give you any of them. Just look for a suitable place.

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