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Why do I need to eat mulberry 

Mulberry, or mulberry, is an ancient plant. And over the centuries, its fruits have been used to maintain and promote health.
Actually, our ancestors can be understood – the berry indeed has many useful properties. 100 grams of mulberry contains only 40 kcal, but glucose, fruit sugars, potassium and vitamins A, B, C and E are abundant.
Due to its composition, mulberry berries perfectly strengthen and maintain immunity, help with anemia, promote active digestion and have a light laxative and diuretic effect. Also, mulberry will help in the fight against obesity and will be an excellent tool for replenishing the forces in the period of heightened mental work and physical activity.
But not only mulberries have useful properties. Leaves of a plant are also excellent for strengthening health. Of these, you can make a decoction, which is recommended to use with angina and bronchitis. Also, the “wonder drink” will help reduce the amount of sugar in the blood.
And from the mulberries they make delicious and very healthy juice, which has anti-inflammatory action. It is recommended to drink during a cold or loss of strength.

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