Why does Russia want to build the Storm supercarrier? 

The geopolitical balance in three regions of the world may soon change, says the loud headline of a recent Military Watch article. The culprit of the transformation, according to the media, should be the creation by Russia of the Storm aircraft carrier. What makes the new domestic ship able to change the balance of power on the planet?
Application there
“In the three zones of key strategic importance, where the Russian naval forces are currently expanding their presence, the balance of forces is not so decisive in their favor, and the supercarrier may well be a significant asset,” says Military Watch. According to the publication, “Storm” – so far the projected aircraft carrier – can become a “game changer” in the Mediterranean, the Arctic and the Asia-Pacific Region (APR).
In the Middle East, deploying a ship would be a crucial step “to strengthen the security of Damascus” and would allow Moscow to provide “much better guarantees to its critical ally.” “If Russia’s defense ties throughout the Persian Gulf continue to strengthen, the deployment of a supercarrier in this region will become a symbol of support for its regional partners,” the journalists stated.
In the Arctic – a strategic region both in terms of location and in terms of the wealth of natural resources – the emergence of “Storm”, Military Watch said, will give Russia superiority over its rivals, mainly the United States and Canada. According to the media, domination in the Arctic can justify even considerable spending on the program to create an aircraft carrier, which is estimated at 350 billion rubles.
In the Asia-Pacific region, the deployment of the Storm would be a worthy response to the aggressive actions of Western countries. The United States, France and Japan are already basing their aircraft carriers in the APR. Britain is also planning to transfer its ships to the shores of Asia. All this creates tension at the borders of one of the main allies of Russia – China. Realizing the threat, China, of course, is developing its fleet, but the deployment of the Russian aircraft carrier would be a much more weighty argument in favor of Beijing.
Perhaps the only place where the use of “Storm” will be meaningless, states Military Watch, will be the Black Sea region. But even that is far from the fact that the ship cannot prove itself there: international treaties in force prohibit the stationing of aircraft carriers in this region, and the Russian military have repeatedly stressed that the Black Sea Fleet is able to fight back any hostile forces.
Prick ice and carry fifth generation airplanes
Why is “Storm” able to change the position on the geopolitical board in any region, no matter in which it appears? For Military Watch, the answer is obvious: the Russian aircraft carrier will be the first ship in the world to carry fifth-generation aircraft. It is expected that its air group will include up to 90 pieces of equipment, some of which will be Su-57 multi-purpose fighters specially adapted for taking off from the deck. Compared with the American counterpart – the F-22 – the domestic aircraft has a longer range, more powerful engines, greater speed – up to 2600 kilometers per hour. Therefore, the duet of the Su-57 and Storm expectedly claims undisputed supremacy on the water and in the air.
In addition, the Russian aircraft carrier will be adapted to work in extreme climatic conditions, so that the ship will not be equal in the Arctic. In 2016, it became known that the project ships will receive nuclear power plants. Probably, these will be atomic reactors RITM-200, previously tested on the icebreaker “Arktika”. It is planned that the nuclear power plant will be combined with a gas turbine. This will allow the “Storm” literally at the speed of the boat to leave the point of stay, then going for 120 days to an autonomous course.
The main characteristics of the project of the Russian aircraft carrier are also impressive. It is expected that its length will be 330 meters, width – 40 meters. Speed ​​- 30 nautical knots. The service life is 50 years. On board the “Storm” can accommodate up to four thousand people, and as the starting systems will be used and the springboard, and acceleration devices.
In the Krylov State Research Center ( KGNTS ), where the aircraft carrier project was developed, they promise that the ship will be able to strike land and sea targets with its own weapons, to provide anti-aircraft defense with on-board air defense systems. Concrete in this case is classified, but experts suggest, in particular, that Storm will be able to carry up to several hundred cruise missiles, bombs and anti-torpedoes, and will also be equipped with four Prometheus C-500 installations and two anti-torpedo protection systems.
The balance of power will change by 2032
The desire to create a full-fledged aircraft carrier for the Russian fleet of the Ministry of Defense has been spoken for many years every year. The ministry noted that without the “sea airfields” it is impossible to achieve a balance between the armed forces. However, the authorities did not reach the hands of the government for a long time: in Soviet times, because of their belief in ballistic missiles as a panacea for all threats, in the early Russian years, because of a banal lack of funds.
The decisive step towards closing the existing gap was made in July 2013, when for the first time a large-scale model of a multipurpose aircraft carrier was shown to specialists at the international naval salon in St. Petersburg. Two years later, at the “Army-2015” forum, a model was presented to the public.
Technical design “Storm” began in 2018. The main stage of the design can begin in 2020, and construction – in 2024. A contract for the construction of a promising aircraft carrier, as Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov said earlier  , will be concluded by the end of 2025. And after 8-9 years, Russia may have the first aircraft carrier.  utm_content=rweekend&utm_medium=read_more&utm_source=copylink

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