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Why is human blood under water green? 

About the expression “blue blood” everyone knows. Of course, such a shade of blood in humans can not be. But green – quite.
Green blood in humans, indeed, can occur, however, very rarely. It acquires an unusual shade due to a disease called sulfhemoglobinemia. The disease occurs as a result of frequent medication with a high content of sulfonamides, which change the structure of hemoglobin. hence the greenish tint of blood.
But such a phenomenon can occur in quite ordinary people who do not have diseases. It is enough just to dive under the water.
No, do not expect, taking a bath, you will not see green blood. But plunging, for example, in seawater, you can be completely surprised.
If a person begins to bleed at a great depth, ordinary human blood will look green. Actually, for the first time an unusual phenomenon was noticed by divers when one of them cut itself on coral, and a greenish liquid began to ooze from the wound.
Of course, in fact, ordinary red blood does not suddenly become green in seawater. This is a visual illusion. The fact is that sea water does not have the ability to transmit waves of red color, only green and blue rays pass through deeper than three meters. That is why human blood appears green in the depths.

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