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Why is it forbidden to kiss at train stations in France

If Paris is traditionally considered a city of love, then perhaps France can be called without shame of conscience the most romantic country. And who would have thought that it is in this state that lovers are forbidden to kiss on the platforms of railway stations?
A rather strange at first glance, the law appeared more than 100 years ago in 1910. Those who founded him explained the ban like this – constantly kissing couples often delay the departure of the train, which creates a lot of problems.
Before the adoption of the law, the driver’s understanding waited until the passengers in love and their mourners reached a goal. In the end, you need to respect other people’s feelings. Because of this, the schedules were lost, and the trains were late, which caused inconvenience to a huge number of people.
In order to somehow alleviate the unenviable fate of couples, at some stations set up the notorious kissing zone – platforms for kissing. But, what is good for some, misfortune for others and, obviously, people with a broken heart are better not to stumble upon these zones.
But, by the way, despite the formally existing law, if people kiss in the middle of the apron, no one will say a word to them and punishment will not follow either. Still, in a century and a half much has changed – now lovers with kisses do not delay too long, and the train will definitely not wait for anyone.

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