Why men are attracted to women in age

For a long time there was a stereotype that, choosing a partner, men prefer young beauties. However, in recent years, the opposite trend has been observed: the stronger sex is increasingly building relationships with older women. And for good reason.
Material independence
A woman who earns money independently and does not need constant security is much more attractive to men. At least, because he does not need to work two jobs to satisfy all the whims of his passion. She herself is able to do it.
Rich sexual experience
As a rule, a woman aged is more sexually liberated than her young rivals. Most likely, she had a lot of sexual partners, and she knows exactly how to please both herself and her man.
They have no high expectations.
20-year-olds often put forward a kilometer list of demands to their chosen one, still hoping to find a “prince.” Adult ladies, again, because of their experience, know that there are no ideal ones, so they will not leave a partner because of one drawback.

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