Why none of the daughters of Nicholas II married 

As is known, in 1918, the entire royal family was shot in the house of Ipatiev, in Yekaterinburg. There are still disputes over whether the emperor himself, his spouse and their children could have avoided a terrible fate. But the special attention of researchers attracted the elder daughters of Nicholas II , who at the time of the massacre were already quite adult, and marriage, perhaps, would save their lives. Why did not one of the great princes ever go down the aisle?
The eldest daughter of Nicholas II at the time of the execution was already 22 years old. Of course, even for so much short life, Olga fell in love and not even once. Surely, about all her hobbies is unknown today. But the fact that the engagement of the Grand Duchess with cousin Nicholas II Dmitry Pavlovich was to take place in 1912 is a fact. However, the mother of the future bride was categorically against this marriage, and not at all because of the close relationship of the spouses. Alexandra Feodorovna did not tolerate Dmitry Pavlovich for his hatred of Rasputin. Later, the prince really took part in the murder of the royal elder.
After 4 years, in 1916, Olga again almost got married. The contender for the hand and heart of the eldest daughter of the king became, by the will of his own mother, another great Prince Boris Vladimirovich. But Alexandra Feodorovna rejected this proposal. According to the empress, Boris was not worthy of Olga. He was famous for his love affairs, and Alexandra Feodorovna was sure that her daughter would still not agree to associate her life with a rake.
The second imperial daughter Tatiana in 1918 was 21 years old. At first, Tatiana wanted to marry the son of the Serbian king Alexander. Families even met about this, but the First World War began, and engagement negotiations became irrelevant. Tatiana herself, along with her mother and sisters, began to care for the wounded in the hospital. It seemed the girl was not up to amorous affairs.
But it was in the hospital walls that the Grand Duchess met the cornet named Dmitriy Malama. Tatiana became so attached to Malame that others began to notice her feelings. Especially since the cornet rendered Tatiana signs of attention. In particular, knowing the love of the imperial daughter for animals, he gave her a dog, a French bulldog. It is noteworthy that Alexandra Feodorovna also treated Malame with warmth, but, of course, this relationship had no future.
Maria Nikolaevna was 19 when she was gone. Maria dreamed about marriage and children and often fell in love. The future king of Romania, Carol II, wanted to marry the Grand Duchess in his time. But Nikolay decided that at that time Maria was still very young for marriage.
In general, Mary was considered a child until death. Even when the girl met with officer Nikolai Demenkov, who commanded the ships guarding the members of the royal family, the sisters only laughed at Maria and even at Demenkov himself, calling him “fat.” Maria corresponded with her lover, talked to him on the phone and even made a shirt for him. But that’s all over.
Anastasia, the youngest of the Romanov sisters, was killed at the age of 17. She was no longer a little girl. But the preserved memories of Anastasia suggest the opposite. The girl was already a little shy of her tight figure, and her sisters often called her “egg-cap”. Nevertheless, she remained childishly cheerful, perky and could easily make anyone laugh.
On the night of July 17, 1918, Anastasia, however, like Olga, Tatyana, Maria, and Tsarevich Alexei and their parents did not.

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