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Woman found a gecko in a raspberry package

In the UK, Sainsbury’s supermarket chain visitors found in a plastic package with raspberries live gecko. This writes the tabloid The Sun.
Laura Johnson (Laura Johnson) saw the buyer take a pack of raspberries, inside which sits a lizard. The woman was frightened that the gecko could be thrown away, and reported the find to the store employee. He handed over the reptile to the charity organization RSPCA (Royal Society for the Protection of Animals against Abuse).
“I can only hope that the gecko was not injured,” says Johnson.
Sainsbury’s conducts an internal investigation and finds out how the lizard got into their products.
Geckos are a family of small lizards that live in the tropics and subtropics. Their paws are covered with microscopic hairs that interlock with the supporting surface and allow geckos to move along the walls and ceiling. Like many other species of lizards, they throw off part of the tail when in danger.
Earlier it was reported that a resident of the UK has found a gecko in a package with broccoli, which she purchased in one of the large supermarkets. A woman discovered a lizard when she came home and opened a package of vegetables.

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