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Woman month sticks randomly cut money 

A resident of South Korea mistakenly chopped up several banknotes in a shredder, but managed to recover them and replace them in a bank. It is reported information portal Asia One.
On June 2, a woman accidentally put an envelope in which there were 11 banknotes of 50 thousand won each (about 29.3 thousand rubles in total) in an office shredder. Before she realized her mistake, the device tore the bills into small pieces.
Desperate Korean woman asked for help from Internet users. She was told that the bank only accepts and exchanges fragments of banknotes that are at least 80 percent of the original area.
During the month, the woman spent all her free time trying to glue the bills. Her husband and daughter helped her.
As a result, the bank accepted the bills collected from small pieces and exchanged them for new ones. The perseverance of the woman delighted her boss, as a reward he treated her to dinner.
The story of a woman spread on social networks. Commentators admired the Korean woman’s perseverance and determination. “This woman can investigate the police if she managed to glue these notes together. My respect! ”Wrote one of the users.
In April, a family from Tyumen was reported, mistakenly throwing out several million rubles. The Russians had to search through 12 tons of waste at a waste sorting plant in order to find money. They managed to do it.

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