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Woman swallowed jewels worth $ 66 thousand 

A resident of India chose an unusual way to steal. A 26-year-old girl from her brother’s shop was stealing chains, earrings and gold coins, hiding her precious loot in a “safe place” – Rooney Hatun simply swallowed them.
The doctors were discouraged when, after the operation, 69 chains, 80 earrings and 46 coins were removed from the patient’s stomach.
In addition, they also “removed” eight medallions, 11 earrings for the nose, five bracelets for the legs and one dial. In total, in the stomach of a pseudo-robber, there were jewels worth 66 thousand dollars.
more on the topic Tom Hanks committed his first “theft” Jimmy Kimmel in his humorous show knocked the actor to “theft”.
The girl was taken to hospital in an extremely emaciated condition, as she began to have nausea after each meal.
The girl’s mother said that she had noticed that decorations began to disappear from the house, but she had no idea that her daughter was swallowing them.
She added that her brother gave her sister a coin so that she could pass them on to her parents, but after they disappeared, the girl answered all the questions with sobs.
According to doctors, most of the jewelry was made of copper and bronze, but several expensive gold items were found.
Before the operation, the doctors were forced to pour five liters of blood to the patient, as she had extremely low hemoglobin. She was also given artificial nutrition, as she could not eat on her own.
It took a week to stabilize the girl’s condition, after which an operation was carried out that lasted just over an hour. Now the patient is recovering, writes the Daily Mail.

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