WP-CLI (WP Command Line Interface) is a command-line interface for WordPress. It allows you to update plugins, configure the multisite installation, and much more, without using a browser.

What can be done through WP-CLI

WP-CLI provides a bunch of actions that are usually done through the WordPress admin area.

For example, the wp plugin install command allows you to install and activate a plugin from the WordPress directory:

$ wp plugin install user-switching --activate
Installing User Switching (1.0.9)
Downloading install package from https: //downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/user-switching.1.0.9.zip ...
Unpacking the package ...
Installing the plugin ...
Plugin installed successfully.
Activating 'user-switching' ...
Plugin 'user-switching' activated.
Success: Installed 1 of 1 plugins.

WP-CLI also includes commands for a lot of things that cannot be done from the WordPress admin area.

For example, the following command allows you to remove all temporary options:

$ wp transient delete --all
Success: 34 transients deleted from the database.
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