Yandex drone “caught in the act of crime” 

As part of the official testing program, Yandex has brought several unmanned vehicles to the streets of Moscow, and one of them has already been accused of violating traffic rules. However, the situation may be somewhat deeper than it seems at first glance.
Information about the violation on the eve of the spread agency “Moscow” with reference to sources in  law enforcement .
The essence of the violation is that the unmanned vehicle crossed the stop line at the red signal at the intersection of Mosfilmovskaya Street and Projected Passage No. 6095 (the future southern doubler of Kutuzov Avenue). Responsibility for this violation is provided for by the Administrative Code: under Part 2 of Article 12.12 of the Administrative Code, it is punishable by a fine of eight hundred rubles. And the one who will be responsible, have already found.
As it turned out, blaming the autonomous control system for violation is premature: according to the rules for testing unmanned vehicles, there should always be a human observer inside the car who takes control in controversial situations, which he could do in this case.
The press service of Yandex has already confirmed this by extending the following statement:
“Sometimes during testing in a city, the driver has to take control. In this situation, the unmanned vehicle moved in manual mode. For example, if the lane is blocked and to avoid obstacles, you have to cross the solid. it will stop because it cannot break the rules. Then the test driver enters the case and takes responsibility for such a violation. ”
The first unmanned vehicles of Yandex took to the streets of Moscow in June of this year. The experiment on testing drones will be conducted on the territory of Moscow and Tatarstan and will last until 2022.

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