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“You feel awkward”: Khodchenkovu “pecked” for nude photos

Actress Svetlana Khodchenkova became the heroine of the August issue of InStyle. She posted a magazine cover on her Instagram page . In the picture, the actress covers her bare chest with her hands.
“It was a very hot photo session,” wrote Khodchenkova.

Some subscribers advised the actress “not to waste talent” on such a shoot.
“Nice photo. You are super on it. but I think it was too much. You are so beautiful and talented, ”wrote @ alia111176 (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are hereinafter preserved).
“It’s very beautiful, but it’s a shame that our girls have all the moral foundations that have turned around, except for the naked body that they can’t show anything more on the stage or in the cinema, there are very few talented people, don’t waste your talent on cheap show off,” Khodchenkov @ drobinaolga.
“Svetlana, forgive me for saying that right .. But your type and your appearance, it seems to me, are not suitable for such sessions .. this is not yours. It seems to me, judging by the face, that you are embarrassed .. for me, if you have some kind of light robe and a fatal look in a half-turn .. this is brilliance, ”the actress @vectorreklama advised
“Sveta is simply breathtaking. But I, like a father with many children and a faithful husband, do not accept nude beauty, her beauty is different, ”said @vitalikpapa.
Many users liked the photo session, they decided that, Khodchenkova – “woman-fire”.
“It’s as if from Botticelli’s canvas,” said @ simmara2705.
“Very beautiful and stylish photography. Not at all like the Russian covers, ”noted @olgasssartakova.

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